Native Health Group recently completed the following projects that resulted in significant savings for its clients:


Health Care Company

30,000 Members
We conducted market research of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), and we were successful in negotiating a significant dollar savings and maximized efficiencies.



1,500 employees
We conducted a claim liability assessment and market review of their fully insured health plan vs. self-funding the health plan. By self-funding the health plan, the hospital is saving more than $450,000 annually.

We conducted a stop-loss insurance marketing that reduced their annual premium by over $350,000.


County Government

500 employees
Their former consultant conducted a marketing without success in limiting or reducing their cost and improving their programs. Within the first 3 months of taking the assignment, we were able to restructure their plans with the annual savings of more than $550,000. We were able to secure a 17-month rate guarantee. Employees, for the first time in more than 20 years, are able to afford to cover their dependents!


Service Firm

200 employees
Within 3 months of working with the firm, we were able to completely overhaul their benefit program and kept existing carriers in the process. However, we were able to negotiate upon renewal a more favorable cost & benefit program. Employees are satisfied and the firm is not having to face a large increase.


Other Tribal Programs

Some of the other work we have performed with our Tribal clients include:

We have many other services, initiatives and examples of the work we have done. We have some very proactive strategies we can share with you when we have the opportunity. While cost savings are important, Native Health Group can assist in the development of a long-term strategy that can curb and mitigate future costs.