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Want healthier employees?

Want to control health costs?

You'll want the Health &
Wellness Center!

Healthcare consumers need access to accurate, understandable information to live healthier, ask their doctors the right questions, and keep expenses in check. The Health & Wellness Center in Benergy 2G! comes with the best health content available, developed by A.D.A.M., the leader in online health.

The result...

employees become smarter and healthier healthcare consumers.

From head to toe, from illness to wellness, it's all in the Health & Wellness Center. A.D.A.M. developed a huge library of physician-reviewed health content. Much of it is highly visual and interactive, making it very informative to employees and family members. This is the same knowledge used by hospitals and medical schools around the world - so you know it's current, well-researched and unbiased, unlike much of the health information found on the Web. With so much in the Health & Wellness Center, Benergy users can rely on this exclusive resource whenever medical issues arise.

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The Health & Wellness Center is filled with explanations, illustrations, videos, calculators, checklists, self-tests and more. Below are just a few examples that demonstrate its breadth and depth.




This encyclopedia houses thousands of articles that define a given condition, its causes, symptoms, treatments and more. These descriptions are written in plain terms, both in English and Spanish. The articles help people know when it is important to call a doctor, and how to take care of themselves.



Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments allow people to identify and potentially prevent a variety of problems. Simple questionnaires lead to concrete recommendations, steps to take, additional reading and visuals.



Care Guides

For those who need to manage common conditions like diabetes, asthma or weight problems, these Care Guides provide invaluable support. They are organized into steps and combine words, images and videos to build a foundation for a lifelong understanding of how to stay healthy.




DecisionAssist helps assess the risks and benefits of many medical procedures. By answering simple questions, DecisionAssist delivers guidance to make an educated choice about what to do.



Pregnancy Wellness

Parents-to-be can learn the essentials of pregnancy and childbirth in the award-winning Pregnancy Health Center.



Symptom Navigator

The friendly Symptom Navigator can isolate any problem. Visuals really enhance the understanding of the condition. Armed with facts, patients can more confidently seek medical attention.

Benergy 2G!'s Health & Wellness Center is invaluable in what it can do for healthcare consumers.