About Native Health Group

Native Health Group, LLC is a full-service employee benefit and healthcare management firm and take great pride in serving Tribal employers, Tribal communities, and Native American owned businesses and organizations. We strive to assist these entities in delivering modern methods in culturally appropriate ways. Principals include Native Americans with a broad range of knowledge and understanding of the Indian health delivery system and an understanding of Tribal Sovereignty and Tribal Self-Governance.

Our collective experience and partnership solutions allow us to look at all facets of service, cost, and quality of programs.

Our company incorporates the highest level of ethics, conduct, and service to our Native American clients. Our goals are simple; to serve our clients to the best of our ability and to be open and honest with them in all our dealings.

As a full-service benefit advisory firm headquartered in Arizona and our expertise supports clients with complicated plans, diverse demographics, multiple locations, and unique and demanding needs. We continually strive to exceed our clients expectations - our relationship with our clients is so important that we are willing to do the little things that make a big difference - like chasing down ID cards or resolving a claim.

We are unique in the industry, providing sophisticated advisory services and dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. Our extensive background in the employee benefits and healthcare arena has shaped the foundation of our service philosophy.

At Native Health Group, our commitment is to value your business and support your goals and objectives. We become trusted partners in understanding your specific and unique need benefit and healthcare needs. Native Health Group is a proven resource in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to those needs.

Corporate Philosophy/Culture

"At Native Health Group, customer service embodies empathy, client advocacy and partnership with a commitment and passion to serve others."

These are the guiding values that direct our company. Our team members have an enthusiasm for customer service, approach their job duties with a sense of urgency, demonstrate entrepreneurial tendencies, and are solution-driven. We actively seek team members who are familiar with benefit management strategies, insurance, human resources, and community health initiatives so they understand the challenges our clients face and train new team members in our corporate culture, provide them with ongoing industry education, and team them with in-house mentors.

We provide a working environment conducive to our team members and clients success. We have a "fluid" team which is designed to get things done, and take care of our clients as our #1 priority.

Native Health Group Fundamental Service

As a full service benefit management firm, we have the capabilities to support your needs and look forward to demonstrating our services to you.

"For Tribal businesses and communities, one size does not fit all. It is the role of the community and business leadership to ensure that the Tribe provides competitive programs and services in their businesses and community that meet the needs of their employees and tribal members through an on- going process of program evaluation and management."

A well-conceived economic and needs-based plan is essential to the success of any tribal business or community healthcare program operating in today's changing environment. The type of planning performed by Native Health Group focuses on the premise that a tribal organizations greatest resource is its people and leaders, and that true self sufficiency and success is measured by the ability to foster economic growth and development with significant membership participation and leadership to achieve its stated goals.

This strategic partnership and planning effort is important in terms of developing meaningful and effective programs. Based upon our approach and methodology, we believe our professionals will deliver the expected realization of the objectives, and that our added value cannot be easily matched by other organizations.