Welcome to Native Health Group

Managing employee benefits and Tribal healthcare initiatives can be complex. Our unique services and solutions provide you a complete approach to meet those needs.

Native Health Group, LLC (NHG) is an American Indian owned full service benefits consulting firm. NHG was formed to address the unique healthcare needs of American Indians. American Indians do not access healthcare like other populations. We access healthcare through the Indian Health Services, Tribally Operated Healthcare Programs and urban health programs. Our heritage and background provide you with an advocate to assist in the navigation of this complex system. We provide benefits consulting services to Tribes, Tribal Organizations, American Indian owned companies and any group that provides services to American Indians.

  • » Take the uncertainty out of evaluating and administering your benefit and healthcare programs
  • » Identify new benefit and healthcare management opportunities
  • » Combine the best of services and technologies for the most cost-effective solution

By acting in partnership with you as your advisor, we support you to achieve a more effective and efficient level of self-administration so that you can focus on other important objectives We are committed to building long-term relationships by providing customized strategic solutions and maximizing value.

With over 50 years of experience in the benefits consulting and Indian healthcare industry, NHG is uniquely suited to meet all of your employee benefit needs.